Maryam urges govt to file treason case against Imran

Says PTI chief relying on judicial establishment to come to power again n Political stability needed before elections n Asks if PML-N wins in Punjab, will Imran accept the verdict n If judges are corrupt, sold out, facilitating someone, they should be proceeded against.

LAHORE     -    Chief Organizer of the ruling PML-N Maryam Nawaz Sunday urged the government to file a treason case against the PTI chief Imran Khan in Supreme Court for violating the con­stitution. “Imran Khan abrogated the Constitution and the Supreme Court of Pakistan ruled against him, but he got off scot-free, and the state looked on. However, such an act calls for tri­al under Article 6,” she complained while addressing the office-bearers of PML-N’s lawyers wing at her Jati Umra residence here. 

She said the PTI chairman blatantly violated the constitution and the law but was allowed to go home without any punishment. The PML-N leader said Imran Khan gets bail in 12 cases in 5 minutes, on the other hand, in­justices were done against her father.

She further stated that the Election Commission of Pakistan’s decision in the prohibited funding case men­tioned irrefutable evidence, yet no court touched him.

“On the other hand, Nawaz Sharif and I, and even Rana Sanaullah went to court without any armed mobs, surrendered before the law and suf­fered imprisonment. Why is Im­ran getting favoUrable treatment? Who is still protecting him?” she questioned. She said that mul­tiple cases were registered against the PTI chief, but he was not appearing before the courts which showed his non-seri­ous attitude towards the insti­tutions. She further stated that Imran Khan was in fact escap­ing from the courts including Toshakhana, Tyrian White and foreign funding cases, as he had nothing to prove his innocence. 

“No court can make him ap­pear before it, and whenever he comes, he comes along with armed groups. He attacked the Lahore High Court and the Is­lamabad Judicial Complex with armed mobs. In comparison to Nawaz Sharif, he hasn’t even been touched. Nawaz was oust­ed on the basis of an expired iqama”, she said, adding that the PTI chairman was hiding him­self in Zaman Park and avoid­ing appearing in the courts to face cases against him. Maryam called out the judiciary over its alleged preferential treatment towards PTI chief Imran Khan as she called Justice Ijazul Ahsan and Justice Mazahar Ali Naqvi’s note to the CJP for a suo motu notice on the delay in provincial elections, as well as the conse­quent verdict controversial.

“If judges are corrupt, sold out, facilitating someone, they should be proceeded against. Audios have been leaked to prove it. There cannot be selec­tive application of the Constitu­tion,” the PML-N leader stated.

She said that Gen Bajwa had also allegedly said judges make decisions on their wives’ sugges­tions. The families of former CJPs Justice Khosa and Nisar knew about the Panama verdict before time and even celebrated it later. This made a mockery of law.” 

She said that the PTI was the only political party which, being a ruling party, violated the rules regarding Toshakhana as the precious gifts were sold out af­ter taking them abroad. Maryam said the PML-N always showed respect for the courts and its leadership presented them­selves for accountability. “The PML-N leadership faced fabricat­ed cases during the previous PTI tenure however all of them pre­sented themselves for account­ability, but nothing was proved against anyone”, she maintained. 

Maryam claimed that the PML-N was the most popu­lar party and was fully aware of the problems being faced by the masses including the price hike, however it would not leave the people on their desti­ny but would stand with them and resolve their issues. The PML-N senior vice-president said the politics of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman was all about protecting personal agenda by creating chaos and unrest in the country as he had nothing to do with the people’s problems. She said that the de­cision of PTI to dissolve assem­blies in the Punjab and KP was also aimed at creating anarchy and turmoil in the country as this cabal was not concerned about resolving public issues.

She said that the PML-N was never afraid of going into elec­tions, rather it was ever ready and would win the elections whenever held. However, she said that her party wanted a level playing field as nobody was above the law. Admitting that elections are a solution to all the problems, Maryam said that political stability was also needed before the elections. She reiterated that the PML-N was not scared of elections. 

She said the Panama papers case was to target the elect­ed government of Nawaz Shar­if as nothing was proved against Nawaz Sharif and then he was disqualified for just having an iqama. Nawaz Sharif gave the narrative of the sanctity of the vote in the country, she added. She said the PML-N believed in serving the masses and its per­formance in the past was the evi­dence. Whereas, the previous PTI government did nothing for the welfare of the masses and it was responsible for current inflation in the country. She said there was even no comparison between the PML-N and the PTI when it came to delivering the masses as the PML-N left the government in 2018 which was prosperous and had a growth based econo­my. On the other hand the four-year rule of the PTI brought pov­erty, corruption and lawlessness which portray the real picture of the parties’ performance.

She underlined the need of a sincere leadership which could take the country forward as the people of the country were pay­ing the price of immature and non serious political decisions taken by the PTI. It was very un­fortunate that the PTI was cre­ating chaos in the name of poli­tics, she added. Maryam Nawaz said that the previous PTI gov­ernment was full of corrupt practices and poor policies.

She said that rule of law and a justice based system was vital to take the country forward. 

Maryam said that Nawaz Sharif and she herself had faced the courts in cases against them but they never made excuses but presented for accountabil­ity in respect of the courts and rule of law in the country.

Maryam said Imran Khan was in trouble due to his daughter Tyrian’s case in the court. She said Imran Khan did not buy gifts from Toshakhana but stole. She said in Zaman Park, police­men’s heads were injured and petrol bombs were thrown at the police by PTI workers.

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