Only solution to political crisis is implementation on Constitution, says Fawad

Asad Umar says coming week will be a turning point in history of Pakistan

LAHORE    -     Pakistan Tehreek-e-In­saf (PTI) Senior Vice-President Fawad Chaudhry said Sunday that the only solution to current political crisis was implementation on Constitution

The PTI leader’s com­ments came during a press conference at the Lahore Press Club where the party’s lead­ership spoke about their workers being ar­rested ahead of yes­terday’s gathering at Lahore’s Minar-e-Paki­stan. He added that notices were being handed out by the Federal In­vestigation Agency (FIA) and An­ti-Corruption Establishment (ACE). Fawad, flanked by PTI’s Secre­tary General Asad Umar, claimed that 2,000 people were arrested in the ongoing wave of arrests of his party’s workers. “People are being picked and rendered miss­ing from Lahore. Azhar Mash­wani went missing. It has been three days.” The politician assert­ed that there was no room for enforced disappearances in Pa­kistan. Commenting on the “gov­ernment’s steps to curtail the PTI’s power show” a day earli­er, the PTI stalwart added that the “entire city was blocked with containers. The entry and exit routes of Lahore were closed.”

A day ago, PTI Chairman Imran Khan praised his party’s support­ers for showing up at the rally’s venue Minar-e-Pakistan, saying that despite all kinds of obsta­cles, people, in large numbers, ar­rived to attend the rally. “Those in power must know that [block­ing the roads and pathways with shipping] containers cannot stop people who want true in­dependence,” he explained, add­ing that fear was spread to frus­trate the public meeting. During the presser, the former informa­tion minister accused Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah of “op­erating a gang” while questioning him about his politics. Sharing his opinion regarding the letter written by President Arif Alvi to Prime Minister Shehbaz Shar­if, the party’s senior vice-presi­dent said: “Not a single answer has been given to the question raised by the president.” Fawad mockingly said, “The content of the letter shows how small a man Shehbaz Sharif is. The president advised the prime minister to fol­low the constitution but the PM gave an incomprehensible reply.”

The premier, in his response, wrote to President Alvi that his letter read like a PTI press re­lease which is “blatantly parti­san in nature” and supports the Imran Khan-led party’s “one-sid­ed and anti-government” views. Fawad, meanwhile, said that all eyes were now on the country’s top court. He added that the gov­ernment was now doing poli­tics based on fear. “We are ask­ing you to do your own politics and let us do ours too.” Fawad speaking to the media said, “It seems that Nazis are ruling Paki­stan. The people of Pakistan can­not tolerate such disrespect any­more. There is concern about Pakistan in the international community due to human rights violation in the country. The way this government is running the country, they will again place Pa­kistan on the FATF greylist.

Fawad further maintained that human rights abuses by rulers might lead to sanctions against Pakistan by interna­tional community. Commenting on flour shortage in the coun­try he said, people were stand­ing in long queues to get flour and many people had lost their lives. Speaking about the al­leged abduction of Azhar Mash­wani and other party workers he said, Mashwani and Sha­hid Hussain both were missing. Mashwani had been missing for three days. “We don’t know any­thing about him ever since he was abducted on Thursday. This is not acceptable at all,” he said. Fawad reiterated that forced disappearances will not be al­lowed to continue in Pakistan.

Fawad expressed gratitude to people of Lahore and said, the word of thanks is small for the people of Lahore regarding par­ticipation at Minar-e- Pakistan public gathering. Despite 3,000 raids and 2000 arrests, routes leading towards gathering were sealed, a people in large number attended the gathering, he added

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