A Banana Republic

Proverbial Sword of Damocles wielded by President in the form of 58(2b) is a perpetual threat to the current Parliament. It will remain a rubberstamp one like the preceding Parliament unless the presidential powers to use 58(2b) are curtailed through an amendment in the constitution. As long as the suspended judiciary of 2nd November, 2007 is not restored and present pliable judges not removed, the establishment will call the shots. Plutocracy, rule of elite classes belonging to feudal, tribal Sardars, industrial/business robber barrens, cleric, corrupt bureaucracy and last, but not the least, military junta of ambitious generals wedded to Bonapartism continue to remain foisted on this blighted country and it's helpless citizenry. As long as they hold the reins, the country will remain a Banana Republic. -A CONCERNED CITIZEN, via e-mail, May 10.

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