Modi to become Mahatma Modi

The world is becoming even more perilous and lethal with every passing day. Every day we see incidents of violence happening all over the world. Our region is coming under more under threat after the recent attack in Sri Lanka by Daeshism and newly emerging terrorist phenomena of RSS-ism growing under the nose of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now the world can say it has a new terrorism wing, election cohesive wing and anti-Kashmiri wing.

The Indian election has set a preamble for more violations against Muslims in India and is making India even more perilous and lethal with every passing day. The outcome has also proven the terroristic power of RSS-ism and now this new terrorist ideology called “Daeshism” has created a new threat as this latest nexus of RSS-ism and Daeshism is going to make India a dictatorial and terrorism-sponsoring state.

It is public knowledge now that the local wings of the RSS went door to door to Muslim houses cautioning them not to vote on Election Day. It is understood that RSS and PM Narendra Modi have used its anti -Muslim syndrome by blocking Muslims to vote on their own will. Now after the victory of Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Narendra Modi, the Muslims in India fear for their future as just days later of the Indian elections, an elderly Muslim trader in the the north-eastern state of Assam was leaving work when he was accosted by a mob and in another incident, a young Muslim was beaten by a mob of Hindu extremists alleging him for slaughtering a cow. The voice of Indian Muslims is being muted by RSS and according to Human Rights Watch report of February 2019, alone between May 2015 and December 2018, more than 44 people out of which 36 were Muslims were killed across 12 Indian states. Around 280 people were injured in more than a 100 incidents across 20 states over the same period. The International Community, United Nations and Human Rights bodies have to take serious notice of minority persecution in India which will be increasing in upcoming years under the premiership of Narendra Modi.

I have described his complex personality in my book “Modi’s War Doctrine”. My assessment was that he will use the RSS militancy to win the elections and exactly the same thing has happened in Election-2019.

We know the history of PM Narendra Modi being associated with an Indian extremist organization RSS, now he has won another term in the office. During his first term as PM, he was accused of promoting extremist and terrorist agenda but now they are advancing further since a controversial Hindu ascetic and BJP leader Pragya Thakur has won the election by a big margin in the central city of Bhopal. The woman was charged with being involved in Samjhota Express and Malagaon attack on Muslims in 2006 which killed many. Narendra Modi gained prominence in the year 2001 when he was appointed Chief Minister of Gujarat and the next year in February 2002, historic unfortunate religious bloodshed known as Gujarat riots broke out. 59 Hindu pilgrims while returning from Ajodhya were burnt to ashes. The responsibility was placed on the Muslim community in Gujarat, and so the Hindus carried out the worst Muslim genocide. A train was burnt in fire at Godhra, Gujarat killing more than 1,000 people amongst whom 729 were Muslims. Narendra Modi was accused of planning and initiating this massacre and violence against Muslims in order to win the upcoming elections but was given a clean chit and evidence was also suppressed by the local police.

Even today, Narendra Modi never refrains from playing the anti-Pakistan card. As the elections were drawing near, he started creating tensions on the LOC between Pakistan and Indian military forces to gain support from his people against Pakistan by carrying out false surgical strikes and escalating war just like he did after the Uri incident. He allegedly also planned Pulwama attack by killing his own soldiers in order to turn Indians against Pakistan so that another fake operation could be carried out and he could get more love and support from his people in the form of votes. However, he failed in his false operation as the Pakistan Army took bold action against the failed cowardly attack on its airbase by knocking down the Indian air jets as well as capturing their wing commander- Abhinandan Varthaman.

India has yet again shown its extremist mindset against Muslims and other religions by electing a religious bigot as Prime Minister. Modi knew that the more he campaigned against Muslims and Pakistan, the more support he would get from his people and so he led a whole election campaign on the basis of hatred against Pakistan as well as the Muslims.

Modi is following a pseudo-secularist system. He blocked the High Court’s order for the state government to rebuilt mosques set on fire by his cabinet minister in Naroda Patiya, saying that a secular state government does not build mosques. But when it comes to a temple in other states (Ram temple and Kedarnath), he is willing to build it on his government’s pseudo-secular money.

RSS has made PM Modi an uncrowned king but the same uncrowned king will be overthrown by RSS and the public if he fails to deliver what he has been brought for. PM Modi will be victim in the hands of his own RSS-ism and the Indian brand of Daeshism.

I, however, see a good way for PM Modi if he changes his war-oriented policies and creates a peaceful environment for both countries, Pakistan and India, to work jointly for the poor masses on both sides, and fights against poverty and social injustice on both sides. Unfortunately, we are fighting for the arms race, working ways and means to dominate each other and only putting efforts on other resources in countering each other by demonstrating arms and missiles.

Both countries need to sit on the table and resolve their disputes peacefully.

The writer is a PPP Senator, former Interior Minister of Pakistan, and Chairman of think tank “Global Eye” and Senate Standing Committee on Interior. 

He can be reached at:, Twitter @Senrehmanmalik

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