Dar, US envoy meet amid stalled IMF program

ISLAMABAD    -    Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and US Ambassador Donald Blome yesterday held a meeting aimed to address Pa­kistan’s pressing economic challeng­es wherein Dar also touched upon the stalled IMF loan programme.

During the meeting, Dar assured the US envoy of Pakistan’s com­mitment to complete the IMF pro­gramme despite the financial con­straints. However, discussions focused on the enduring bilateral relations between Pakistan and the United States, particularly in the eco­nomic and trade sectors.

The finance minister also shared eco­nomic policies and priorities of the government to address the challeng­ing economic environment and set the economy to stability and growth. Dar informed the US Ambassador about the government’s pragmatic plans re­lated to revenues and expenditures for meeting its national as well as inter­national financial obligations. Ambas­sador Blome expressed confidence in the Pakistani government’s policies and programs, highlighting their po­tential for economic sustainability and social uplift. He extended support for promoting bilateral economic, invest­ment, and trade relations. He under­scored that both countries enjoy good relations. Both sides acknowledged the urgency of addressing the obsta­cles and reaffirmed their dedication to strengthening bilateral relations. They also highlighted the significance of ad­dressing the stalled IMF deal and find­ing effective solutions to Pakistan’s economic challenges.

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