Parties formed under patronage of govt never succeed, tweets Rashid

RAWALPINDI      -    Former min­ister and Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that par­ties formed under the tu­telage of the government have never succeeded. In his message on the social networking site Twitter on Friday, Rashid said he has been guarding poli­tics of Pakistan on a lone seat for the last 50 years. “I stand with the right and the truth. Despair is dis­belief. The loser is the one who gives up,” he added. Regarding delay in deci­sion [on holding elections] by the judiciary, Rashid said time waits for no one. “There is despair every­where, spring will set in and elections will have to be held,” he continued. The former interior minister said that the products of Charter of Democracy are sitting in the lap of “char­ter of dictatorship.” About the country’s economy, he said that the growth is zero. Default is knocking at the door of Dar. Poverty, in­flation, unemployment and business disaster have ru­ined economy and politics. The currency is devalued below Sri Lanka, Ghana and Afghanistan. Rashid said that the nation should be taken out of despair and the candle of hope should be lit. All the leaders [of PDM parties] are more than 70 years old and those who are going to prisons are 20 years old. He said they run away from the country on the pretext of illness and leave the party three times on the pretext of illness. The whole nation condemned the incident of May 9 and stood by mar­tyrs. Thirteen parties have been trying unsuccessfully to politicize the incident of May 9, he added. Rashid said that if the nation loses hope, politics will turn into a political graveyard. “Time will decide whether you are going to bury a per­son’s politics and his party or making him a Khomei­ni,” he concluded.

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