Police to form special unit to deal with May 9 like incidents

PESHAWAR     -    In response to recent violent incidents, the Peshawar Police have taken decisive action to ensure the safety of the provincial capital. One of the key initiatives is the establishment of a specialized security unit, dedicated to maintaining order and safeguarding the city’s Red Zone. CCPO Ashfaq Anwar, addressing the media on Friday after a crucial meeting, confirmed the deployment of troops from the newly formed Special Security Unit in the Cantt Area Red Zone. The unit’s leadership will be entrusted to an officer of SP rank, as disclosed by CCPO Ashfaq Anwar.

To ensure comprehensive protection, the police officials revealed their plan to complete the profiling of red zone entrances and important buildings in the initial phase. The gathered data will then be used to finalize a robust security draft, which will be forwarded to the Central Police Office for review and approval. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the Special Security Unit will establish seamless communication with the operation room, enhancing its responsiveness to potential threats. Recognizing the need for specialized skills, the police officials announced that the personnel of the Special Security Unit will undergo rigorous training. This training will equip them to handle crowd management and respond effectively to emergencies within the Red Zone. Deployment of the SSUs is planned at strategic locations, including Assembly Chowk, Cantt area, Gulbarg entry routes, and various other key points.

The decision to bolster security measures comes in the wake of an incident on May 10, where violent protesters attempted to breach the security of the Red Zone.

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