Political situation  

The political situation in Pakistan is intensifying, with opponents hurling accusations against each other. Amidst this chaotic environment, the youth of Pakistan is bewildered. Over the past year or so, the political culture in the country has devolved into bitter rivalry, disrespect, and the use of harsh language. Unlike in the past, even powerful state institutions have come under criticism for their alleged involvement in politics.

It appears that the responsibility of clearing this mess now falls on the judiciary. According to some analysts, the current crisis is unprecedented since the dismemberment of the country in 1971. The echoes of Pakistan’s political scene are well reflected in the international media. Imran Khan’s celebrity status is certainly aiding him in his political pursuits. He has successfully exerted immense pressure on traditional power brokers, but the situation worsens due to deteriorating economic conditions in Pakistan. International financial institutions, such as the IMF, and other donors are also hesitant to assist a country with such a volatile political outlook. The Pakistani diaspora overwhelmingly supports PTI’s narrative, regardless of its effectiveness. Could this be a watershed moment for the country? Will things improve from this low point?



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