PTI chief once again offers olive branch

LAHORE    -    Pakistan Tehreek-e-In­saf (PTI) Chairman Im­ran Khan has once again offered an olive branch to the decision-mak­ers in the country say­ing that now is the time that all the institutions sit together with his party to find a solution to the crisis Pakistan is currently facing.

“If we do not take the steps now then the things will reach a point where no one will be able to do anything; the situation is about to get out of hand,” he said while addressing his supporters via vid­eo link yesterday. 

However, he said, his offers for talks were be­ing rebuffed and invit­ing only stronger clamp­downs on his party.

“I worry about my country. Why are not those who are doing all this worried about the country,” he said, adding that society ex­ploded when the situa­tion reached a point of no return. He said this was the reason he was stressing on talks to pull the country out of the quagmire of problems.

Imran said that the ruling coalition had no roadmap and the more time they are given, the country will see more decline.

He made it clear that he would struggle till his last breath for actu­al freedom in the coun­try. Imran Khan stated that they seemed in no mood to hold polls, as it could only be conduct­ed after crushing Imran Khan and the PTI but he added that this was a war for Pakistan, so the country should not be destroyed in try­ing to eliminate the PTI. The PTI chair­man claimed that the PTI’s vote bank kept increasing the more injustice they were doing. Talking about the patterns of press conferences of several former PTI leaders, expressing their love for the army and resigning from the par­ty, the PTI chairman said that people were not fools. “Don’t they understand what is happening”, he asked. The PTI chairman called on the nation and his party workers to exhibit patience as the people being made to quit the par­ty would not bring it to an end. Imran Khan asked why his party workers, supporters and their relatives were be­ing captured and arrested everywhere if the burning of the Corps Command­er’s House only took place in Lahore. “Over 10,000 people have been arrest­ed and put in jails. The PTI chief said he was first alerted about the protests of May 9 and the burning of the Lahore Corp Commander’s House by the chief justice in a Supreme Court hearing.

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