Weird aspects of next general polls in country

ISLAMABAD     -   Pakistan will witness differ­ent general elections as com­pared to the past political his­tory owing to a plethora of weird and interesting factors.

The elections will be held on the same day as it was com­mon practice in the country.

The elections, in the current political unrest, have also still not been scheduled as some strong voices predicting de­lay in polls even after the completion of the cur­rent term in Sep­tember 2023.

The schedule of the elections will be the first stumbling block between the gov­ernment and the op­position [PTI].

The opposition [PTI] is now a days , not in a position to hold serious talks with the government over the schedule of the elections.

Political and constitutional experts viewed that the elections will be dif­ferent from the rest of the polls as how Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaaf will be al­lowed to go for polit­ical campaign if a ban not impose on it.

It may be noted here that the defence minister has cate­gorically said that imposition of ban on the party (PTI) is under consideration. More­over, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has said in a press conference that Imran khan case could be tried in military court. This situation suggests a difficult time for the party in upcoming elections.

In the next polls, the dissi­dents mainly from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf [PTI] will also be in headlines as from which party they would be awarded tickets. The status of those PTI MPs, currently announcing to quit from politics or taking a break , will also be part of dis­cussion .

The matter of conducting polls on the basis of popula­tion census 2017 will proba­bly cause the first reason to put a full stop over the romance of parties in PDM. Though the fi­nal decision has not been tak­en in this regard, it is unlikely to hold polls on the basis of re­cently conducted digital popu­lation census in the country.

The alliances and seat ad­justments of parties in PDM will also be novel as compared to the rest of polls, if the elev­en parties remain united till the polls.

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