Clock Is Ticking

Surrounded by its Western well-wishers, Israel’s echo chamber is gradually shrinking. The verdict by the 13 judges of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) comes at a time when the International Criminal Court (ICC) is close to issuing Netanyahu’s arrest warrants and Norway and Ireland have recognised the state of Palestine. There are more countries in the pipeline who are signaling an intention to follow suit and that must be really close given the rise in the acceptance of the moral stance of Palestinians with each passing day.

The gravest irony is that homes in Rafah are still being bombed and bulldozed by Israel. It took the world too long to rally around the support for Palestinians and concrete action is still missing. When we say concrete action, we mean the countries must be able to cut off ties with Israel; ties that generate war revenue. The verdict, the recognitions are only beginner steps so far. To pressure Israel to end the offensive, the language of embargos needs to be spoken.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister has accurately lauded the verdict and also made contacts with counterparts of Norway and Ireland. In line with Pakistan’s stance of non-recognition of Israel, the recognition of Palestine reaffirms our stance. Pakistan has also lauded South Africa’s courage to sue Israel and make the ICJ give this verdict. Pakistan kept its Israel policy intact even when there were no major brutalities and no all-out genocide. For a country like ours, this moment is the exact time to speak even louder.

But in a depraved display of defiance, Israel did not spare Rafah in that moment and hit it harder. Regardless, now it is the indisputable duty of the world countries to stop associating with this rogue state – sanction it, isolate it, embargo it. Nations that continue to arm it – the US, UK, Germany, and France, to name the big ones, are just as complicit, and future verdicts of genocide must be against them.

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