Second heatwave likely to increase malaria, dengue risk

ABBOTTABAD    -   As the second spell of the heatwave approaches, KP Health Department on Sunday warned of a potential increase in malaria and dengue outbreaks.

To mitigate the risk, authorities have urged the public to adopt several preventive measures.

Use insecticide treated bed nets, these nets can reduce the risk of malaria by 50%, providing significant protection while sleeping.

Wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and socks outdoors, particularly during peak mosquito activity hours. Repellent lotions should be used on exposed skin to ward off mosquitoes.

Eliminate standing water as mosquitoes breed in water, so it’s crucial to remove sources such as flowerpots and clogged drains around the home.

Spraying insecticides on walls and ceilings can kill mosquitoes that rest indoors.

Applying larvicide to hotspots can eliminate mosquito eggs and larvae. Installation of window and door screens can hel preventing mosquitoes from entering homes.

Regular cleaning and disinfecting, especially in high mosquito activity areas, can reduce breeding sites and regularly check and eliminate potential mosquito breeding sites in the community. Be aware of the local malaria risk and take necessary precautions. Health Department emphasised that prevention is key. If you suspect that you may have malaria, seek medical attention immediately.

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