Impartial Caretaker

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar’s recent call for political parties to disentangle security challenges from political affairs is a commendable stance. In the face of allegations favouring the PML-N, Kakar stresses the caretaker government’s impartiality, urging parties to avoid playing the ‘victim card.’ His dismissal of interference in PTI’s political activities and the recognition of SIFC’s role in maintaining policy consistency regardless of the ruling party showcase a commitment to transparency.
Kakar’s optimistic outlook on the economy and emphasis on SIFC’s significance indicate a strategic approach to address Pakistan’s economic challenges. Regarding missing Baloch students, his denial of state involvement underscores a commitment to truth and clarity in addressing sensitive issues. Kakar’s opinionated approach seeks to navigate security challenges while fostering a balanced and transparent electoral environment for all political parties.
The prime minister emphasises that security challenges should not be mixed with politics, urging parties not to intertwine them. He dismisses accusations of favouritism, stating that the caretaker government maintains good relationships with all political parties. Kakar advises against playing the ‘victim card,’ highlighting that it hampers the electoral process. Addressing concerns about impartiality, Kakar ensures that PTI has full liberty to conduct political activities as part of their election campaign. He dismisses the need to defend or explain Sarfaraz Bugti’s statements, asserting that Bugti’s views do not reflect government policies.
On the economic front, Kakar promises positive developments in the coming weeks. He praises SIFC for its role in maintaining policy consistency, regardless of the ruling party. Kakar sees SIFC as the solution to Pakistan’s economic challenges, emphasising its continued growth and effectiveness. Regarding missing Baloch students, Kakar denies state involvement in their disappearance. He attributes such incidents to security forces picking up individuals involved in illegal activities. The prime minister questions the lack of public outcry in similar situations in the past, emphasising that the current count of missing persons in Pakistan is the lowest in the region.
Caretaker PM Kakar’s stance reflects a commitment to transparent and fair elections, economic optimism, and truth in addressing sensitive issues. His approach navigates security challenges while ensuring a level playing field for all political parties, fostering a balanced electoral environment.

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