Indifference to Israeli brutality

Israel’s attacks on Gaza have been ongoing for over a month with nearly 300 Palestinians being martyred every day. More than 14, 854 Palestinians have been martyred in this war so far and half of them are innocent children. In order to deal with this ongoing humanitarian crisis, the international and Islamic community should take an immediate practical action together. United Nations and OIC meetings are being called and demands are being presented with consensus in these meetings, but there is no consensus on joint actions against Israel.
The purpose of establishing this international organization, United Nations was to protect basic human rights and future generations from the scourge of war but this international organization depicts to have failed to fulfill its basic objectives. The resolutions approved in the United Nations are not being implemented, nor is the voice raised in this international organization being heard, on the contrary, it is being suppressed more. Despite this biased environment, Israel’s brutality is not hidden rather is becoming more apparent to the world.
People around the world are worried about the devastation caused by the bombing in Gaza, but some countries have gone so far in support of Israel that the United Nations Security Council Resolutions to condemn Israel and for a cease-fire are also being vetoed or rejected. These countries opposing the ceasefire have actually given Israel a license to commit war crimes. While people around the world are protesting against the ongoing genocide in Gaza, international organizations are also forced to express their concern. Along with food shortage, hunger is also being used as a weapon against the citizens of Gaza. Since the Israeli invasion of Gaza, less than 1% of the food supply could be reached and the health system has been completely destroyed by bombing and ground operations.
The role of the world has always been ambivalent on Palestine and Kashmir, on the one hand, there is talk of solving such problems and on the other hand, internal support is being continued against them. This time also on the basis of Israeli aggression, some similar reaction is being seen, where Israel and Hamas are being witnessed four days cease-fire and exchange of women and children, on the other hand, Israel is being given full practical support to erase Gaza from the world map, especially the unconditional support of the United States and the United Kingdom to Israel has made it pellucid that the role of world powers has been to secure Israel’s interests rather than to resolve the conflict. If you look carefully, the Western countries show a completely one-sided and serious attitude towards the incessant massacre of the oppressed Palestinians in Gaza. These countries are constantly trumpeting Israel’s right to self-defense and sending all kinds of military aid to the tyrant. Someone should ask the Zionists that they are not even thinking about human rights while attacking the people of Gaza day and night with phosphorous bombs for a month. According to a report, the amount of bombs and explosives that have been dropped on Gaza is twice the same as an atomic bomb, despite the fact that threats are being made to drop atomic bomb, what protection do the people of Gaza have that are being threatened to drop an atomic bomb?
As much as the international community continues to follow the policy of duplicity and support Israel, the Israeli bombardment on Gaza could not scare Hamas, nor will the threat of atomic bomb bring any slippage in the independence of Hamas. But this question is open to the public as to whether those who are occupying their land will have to be annihilated in the same way, and will the Muslim world continue to see the blood of the Palestinians flowing unjustly? If all the Muslim countries have agreed on the same issue, then the Arab countries should also wait for their turn to be destroyed, because they will not be able to save themselves for a long time by remaining silent. If today is Gaza, tomorrow may be their turn.
While the world’s indifference to Israeli barbarism is shameful, the speech of the Muslim leaders of the Islamic world is also highly condemnable. If this scenario persists, more disappointment will spread among the Muslims living all over the world, so as much as our rulers cherish their own concerns and power, the interest of the Islamic world has not been dear compared to that. Muslim leaders should act with Hussaini spirit and philosophy, talk to the false forces courageously and support the Palestinians to thwart the ambitions of America and Israel. This support should not be merely formal but moving forward with the expression of solidarity, all its impact should be focused on humanitarian and regional problem solving. Because the Palestinian issue is the biggest obstacle in the way of sustainable peace in the Middle East, unless this issue is resolved through mutual consultation, the dream of establishing peace will remain unfulfilled.

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