WWF and Dignosco educates students about mangroves near Karachi

KARACHI: Seven students, accompanied by experts from Dignosco, left for the WWF wetlands located near Karachi beach, hoping to make a difference by fulfilling some environmental obligations. As soon as the students arrived, they became involved with a beach cleaning exercise organized by Dignosco. This entailed cleaning out plastic and other trash from the turtle egg laying area of the beach, so that the endangered green turtles would remain protected as it often happens that hatchlings swallow the trash, mistaking it for food, resulting in many fatalities.

During the second step, the students from Dignosco attended a green workshop where experts from WWF educated the students about mangroves and their importance to the environment. They gave detailed information about how they could help save this endangered plant life. When the workshop ended, the students from Dignosco were directed toward the mangrove plantation where they received hands on experience. This included planting five hundred mangrove saplings. This was exhilarating for the students because what they were doing would actually make a difference.

The next workshop was one about the green turtles, again conducted by WWF experts to raise awareness about this endangered species.

At the conclusion of the trip, the students were taken on a guided transit walk through the mangrove forest. This tour especially arranged by WWF, provided the participants the opportunity to observe mangroves and the environment surrounding them. The students also formed teams with WWF ornithologists to observe bird life during this walk, which all the participants agreed was fascinating. WWF awarded certificates, which could be used as college credit, in appreciation for the students’ participation.

The excursion, conducted and organized by Dignosco was an eye opener for the students as they were given an opportunity to not only learn about their environment in a hands on manner, but also to step out of their comfort zone and be socially responsible individuals, relying on team-work and learning from each other.

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