Cancer is imperilling many hopes due to the lack of facilities for cancer patients. Cancer is a desperate disease that is noxious for human beings.

Cancer is the division of cells repeatedly. However, cancer spreads to every part of the body. The cell is the basic unit of the human being, cancer also spreads through the bloodstream to distant parts of the body. These parts include the bones, liver, lung or brain. Besides this, a report estimated that 100,000 people died due to viral types of cancers every year in Pakistan. Over 300,000 new individuals are diagnosed with cancer diseases. In Pakistan, numerous cancer cases are being reported and many people are losing their lives. Overall cancer is destroying the whole country. 

The government must find the solution to cancer diseases and save precious lives. Impassively, cancers are giving noxious to the people hopes and determinations. Due to cancer, many smiles are taken away. I request the government to struggle to stop cancer diseases from spreading and care the hopes and save lives well.