Jarwar city is an old city of District Ghotki, which is about 15 KM away from Ghotki city, Sindh. The citizens of Jarwar are facing too many problems including the need for sweet and freshwater, lack of a proper drainage system, no public parks, no government hospitals and higher secondary schools or colleges. In addition, there is a big need of a library.

This is also one of the biggest problems of Jarwar City. Many times, the people of Jarwar city have gathered at Jarwar press club to protest regarding the issues of Jarwar city, but none of the issues has been solved yet. Before the general election of Pakistan 2018, the PPP Workers Sardar Muhammad Bux Khan Mahar, Khalid Khan and Babar Khan had visited Jarwar and assured the people of Jarwar that let them succeed in the election they will solve all issues of Jarwar to facilitate the citizens of Jarwar.

Unfortunately, after winning that election and taking the ministry oath, all their promises have been backed out and they never came again to see the worst condition of Jarwar city. As a result, the people of Jarwar have been living in trouble and hot waters for generations. Therefore, it is high time to pay attention to the issues of Jarwar city and all the concerned authorities should solve them as soon as possible.