ISLAMABAD   -   President Arif Alvi warned India that consequences of extremist steps being taken by the Hindu extremist RSS to erase the cultural identity of Muslims could land the country (India) into a cultural catastrophe.

President Arif Alvi was addressing a national conference on National Integration and Cultural Assimilation in Islamabad on Tuesday.

The president said Two-Nation Theory was the ideological basis of Pakistan that focused on the separate religious, cultural, and traditional identity of a nation.

President Dr Arif Alvi, while expressing his pride and confidence over rich Pakistani heritage and culture has asked the Pakistani people to get a better understanding of their rich culture and history and foil designs of adversaries which are creating cultural and ethnic divisions in our society.

The president, recalling the rich cultural values and history of Pakistan, urged the people to visit museums and other historical places besides reading books to get exposure about their cultural values and rich history. Referring to the peaceful civilisation of Mohenjo Daro in Pakistan dating back to five thousand years, the president said "we are proud of our history and values."

President Alvi said Pakistan, having a beautiful amalgam of cultures, is an emerging country as it has been put in the right direction.

Dr Arif Alvi said we should promote tolerance and stay alert of fake news which creates anarchy in the society. He   said a true cultural narrative of Pakistan defined by the ethos of tolerance and peace was the need of the hour to bring the nation together and transform its cultural diversity into unity which is imperative for a strong and progressive Pakistan. The president said Pakistan’s culture was rooted in the notion of co-existence and harmony and emphasized giving a guideline to the nation to exhibit a culture of social acceptance.