Three students from an Indian college belonging to the IIOJK have been suspended by the college authorities over celebrating Pakistan’s victory against India in the T20 World Cup on Whatsapp.

It is pertinent to note that Pakistan defeated India by 10 wickets for the first time in a T20 match on Sunday in the ICC T20 World Cup match.

The Indian media stated that certain parts of the country celebrated Pakistan’s victory with fireworks.

Three students, named Arsheed Yousef, Inayat Altaf Sheikh, Showkat Ahmed Ganai respectively, studying at the Raja Balwant Singh Engineering Technical Campus in Bichpuri, were suspended by the college for uploading WhatsApp statuses lauding Pakistan’s victory in the T20 match.

According to the college, celebrating Pakistan’s victory was considered to be offensive and “indiscipline.”

“Therefore the hostel discipline committee has decided to suspend all three of them with immediate effect,” stated the suspension notice from Dr Dushyant Singh, serving as the dean of hostels.

A formal complaint in a police station has also been registered against the students by s local BJP leader.  The SP has stated that the police will take action on the basis of the complaint, accordingly.

After the suspension on Monday, the director of administration and finance at the college, Dr Pankaj Gupta revealed that the three students had apologized for the incident.

“The students were studying under the Prime Minister Super Special Scheme. We have also apprised the PM office and AICTE of the students’ act,” he stated.

It is pertinent to note that two other cases under the tough anti-terror law had been registered against medical students in Srinagar who celebrated India’s defeat at Pakistan’s hands.

In another incident, several Kashmiri students were beaten up by students of UP and Bihar in Punjab’s Sangrur. The attackers claimed the Kashmiris were supporting the Pakistan team.

Some videos made rounds on the social media showing women students shouting and celebrating Pakistan’s win at the hostels of the Medical College Srinagar and Shere Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences.