The most important aspect of the life of Geelani Sahib was that he concentrated on his aim. His aim was the intentional and practical love for Islam, to preach and implement this love, the freedom of Kashmir and the unity of Pakistan and Kashmir for the progress of Islam.

He faced many difficulties during his long struggle. He was sentenced to imprisonment for many years. Sometimes he was kept under house arrest. Moreover, he rendered great services as a teacher, journalist, parliamentarian and a political leader.

He regarded Pakistan and Kashmir as one. He thought that the future of Kashmir would always be associated with Pakistan. He challenged the Indian occupation of Kashmir with great courage and consistency more than anyone else. The people of Kashmir and especially the youths supported him enthusiastically. It can be said with full confidence that Ali Geelani was the greatest leader of the freedom movement of Kashmir.

Today, Syed Ali Geelani is not only a name of a person but he is the symbol of the 11 million mistreated people who struggled for almost 75 years. He led a nation which could sacrifice its life. He made great efforts for achieving freedom, protecting religion, security and the progress of spiritual and cultural identity. He struggled for 75 years against a brutal force; a force which has made the people of Kashmir its slave with the help of 1 million troops and political conspiracies. India misled the international community and broke its agreements only to keep its illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmiris have been deprived of their right of self-determination and freedom due to this occupation. The Indian army attacks their life, property, honour, values and cultural and ideological identification. In short, everything is being damaged. The violation of human rights and the destruction of crops and villages have become their daily routine. The killing of the Muslim Kashmiris can be explained only by the word, genocide. But it is also a fact that if there is a tale of unending atrocities on one side then the untiring efforts to challenge this system of injustice and cruelty are also continued on the other side. The people of Kashmir are fighting for their freedom. These are the signs of a new age.

I got the chance to meet with Ali Geelani only three times in my whole life. The first time I met him was in Kathmandu. I met him at Kabah the second time, first for Umrah and then for Hajj. We talked in detail for hours. I found him to be a sincere leader, an honest person and a true Muslim in these discussions. I read a large part of his writings. His speeches and writings were both very impressive. They are the best combination of imagination and narrative techniques. In fact, the life of Ali Geelani is the tale of a great struggle.

Syed Ali Geelani presented the Kashmir issue with strong arguments and technique. He considered the political and religious aspects of the issue as two sides of the same coin. They couldn’t be separated from each other. He faced many difficulties—house arrest, imprisonment and enmity during his long political struggle. He always stated his point of view patiently and resolutely with the grace of Allah Almighty. He invited the people to the right path in the unfavourable circumstances. He is the source of inspiration for all the students of politics. The Indian government and his opponents tried all the tactics of physical and psychological torture against him.

When they noticed that aggression proved useless; they offered him a ministry and even the chief ministry. But he remained firm and determined to his cause. He is a role model for the new generation. The study of the services and the life of Geelani Sahib is the best source to introduce the new generation with the objectives, mission, planning and the nature of the Islamic movement.