Patience is the strategy

Indications start coming once some mischief is afoot. The flights of pilotless drones in Waziristan increase, crossborder incursions by US troops surge, stories about Libya being supplied with nuclear blueprints by Dr A.Q. Khan start to appear in WP and NYT. All these point towards our nuclear assets being under threat. I consider this talk of attack on our nuclear facilities to be a big trap. Knowing fully well that we are emotional people, we are being brought on the edge with these provocations so that at some stage, we actually do the mistake of intercepting American troops on our soil and kill some of their soldiers. Once that happens, the Jewish-controlled western media will simply hit the roof and openly make a case for a full-scale attack on Pakistan. We must, therefore, control our emotions and wait for the US elections to be over. Once that is done, we must prove to the new administration that cross-border attacks on Pakistani territory have been a dismal failure as Taliban and Al-Qaeda attacks in Afghanistan have not been stopped or reduced because of them. Quran teaches us patience. Time to adhere to this command of Allah. -Z. ISRAR, Karachi, via e-mail, September 13.

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