Chicken lays egg without shell

LONDON: A Reddit user posted to the site claiming his chicken laid an egg without a shell. ‘My chicken laid an egg without a shell - It only got weirder from there,’ the confused farmer wrote. But not everyone was convinced.
Though it looked similar to a smaller egg in the first picture, a light shining through the yolk in a second picture began to bring the egg’s oddities out of the dark.
Despite being shell-less, the egg appears to have survived being walked on by the chicken, based on scratches the confounded poster pointed out in a third picture. The thin membrane could by poked in, pinched and even prodded with a drill bit, it still protected the delicious yolk inside. The owner compared the egg’s pliability to a water balloon, in comments on the site. Once peeled open, the egg revealed itself to be completely normal - with yolk and egg white firmly intact. Thin-shelled or shell-less eggs occur as much as six per cent in nature, according to the Poultry Site.–DM

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