Rawalpindi-Rawalpindi police in their crackdown against illegal weapons, liquor and drugs rounded up 13 persons from different areas and recovered over 4kg charas, 10 litres of liquor, six bottles of liquor, two pistols, a dagger and ammunition from their possession, said a police spokesman on Sunday. 

He informed that Pirwadhai police held Irfan, Numan, Niamatullah and Habib Saeed and recovered 2050 grams charas from their possession.

Gujar Khan police rounded up Muhammad Imran with 2240 grams charas and Babar for having two liquor bottles.

Gunjmandi police arrested Muhammad Waseem on recovery of 550 grams charas while Sadiqabad police netted Ameen for having 10 litres liquor.

Murree police nabbed Hameed and Hamza and recovered four bottles of liquor from their possession.

Ratta Amral police arrested Muhammad Waqas with a 30 bore pistol and Kotli Sattian police held Hassan Akhlaq for having a 9 MM pistol and ammunition.

Airport police arrested Hozaf Tariq and recovered a dagger from his possession.

Separate cases have been registered against all the accused while further investigations are underway.

Division Superintendent of Police appreciated police teams and directed to continue operation against lawbreakers.