From the entire globe, you would hear about technology day in and day out, but our Sindh has still been beseeching for their survival. Without an iota of doubt, such bigoted treatment inflicted upon marginalized people of the resourceful province by the government has invited ire and ignominy from the locals and the world as well due to the sheer failure of timely management of the circumstances before the actual happenings.

After tracing the size of flood-driven devastation, a few friendly countries, and NGOs have also extended their altruism, which is worth appreciating. But, despite the expression of generosity of the aforesaid forces, the large extent of calamity-hit people has remained unserved due to their belonging to far-off residences.

Whereas, at this juncture our government machinery has immensely emerged as defunct to evacuate stranded people whose dwellings are inundated with flood water, owing to a myriad of reasons such as incompetent officials, dishonesty in executing timely tasks, inadequate resources like heavy machinery, etc.

The value of devastation may be figured out in monetary terms at a later stage, saying some billions of dollars have washed away and like so. Even if the economic loss caused by the incident is figured out but the subsequent recovery from such an ordeal would remain unresolved for decades to come until the next horrific turn like this. As a result, there is not a jot of truth if the recovery is guaranteed by the government through their hollow promises.