Using seat of learning for hate-mongering a crime, says Maryam.

LAHORE     -   Punjab governor Muhammad Balighur Rehman, as Chancellor, took notice of organising a political programme in Government College University on Monday. 

The governor said that there was no scope for such political gatherings in universities. “Children are our fu­ture and assets and they should not be pushed into politics”. Earlier, PML-N’s Vice-President Maryam Nawaz Sharif had demanded strict action against VC GCU for allowing Imran Khan to use the university campus for political purposes. In a tweet, she stated that using a seat of learning for political hate mongering was a crime that should not go unpunished. 

“Strict action must be taken against the Vice Chancellor Government Col­lege Uni for desecrating an educa­tional institution by lending it to a Fitna & organising his jalsa on the premises. Using a seat of learning for political hate-mongering is a crime that should not go unpunished”. 

Meanwhile, the Punjab governor on Monday sent back the Local Govern­ment Bill 2021 to the Punjab Assembly with reservations. He stated that the Elections Act 2017 does not mention the procedure of electronic voting. The word Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) and I-voting should be deleted from the bill. He said that if section 187 of the Local Government Bill is imple­mented in its original form, it will dis­courage senior officers, adding that this will not only affect the seniority list but also open the way to promote out-of-turn favourite officers. 

Governor Punjab said that the pro­posed Local Government Bill recog­nises the urban-rural divide to some extent but only partially. He said the bill lacks adequate representation in re­mote rural areas and small to medium growing cities. He said that the 46 local govts proposed under Section 7 of the Bill are inadequate for the population of more than 110 million in 37 districts and should be at least doubled.