LAHORE-Pioneer Pakistani Fashion brand Lajwanti is pleased to announce their Bridal preview tomorrow (28th of September 2022) at Lajwanti Studio, Mini market, Gulberg 2.  Ana Ali, CEO and mother to Dania Ali, creative director at Lajwanti, Pakistan based, Luxury bridal label, delivers a roster of creations for brides across the globe. Celebrating hereditary workmanship and cultural beauty, Lajwanti, under the creative direction of Dania Ali, is redefining Pakistani bridal couture with one breathtaking ensemble after the other. The brand will be showcasing their latest collection titled “Laal Bahaar” which is an assortment of beautifully hand-crafted, red bridal ensembles. Their latest bridal collection comes in shades of red, a favourite amongst brides both old and new originating from the subcontinent, “Laal Bahaar” is deeply rooted in the Mughal era, like most of Lajwanti’s collections, however, this one goes far deeper than the surface, based and born out of design elements from architecture and interiors developed during the reign of Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Each ensemble is a labour of passion, meticulously designed by hand, via 6 artisans working 800 hours to produce a single bridal. 

The preview, which is an exclusive event, will be both, a curation of well thought out garments drawing their inspiration from the great Mughal dynasty as well as a walk-in experience.  “ The Mughal era was a vibrant time, with regard to “Laal Bahaar” where every ensemble was based on Jahangir’s greatest marvels, it was only fair to shoot the collection at the Great emperors final resting place” - Dania Ali - Creative Director Lajwanti. “Since 1995, It has been my sole aim for Lajwanti as a brand to not only revive forgotten crafts of hand-work but to also seek the unattainable and try the untried” - Ana Ali - CEO Lajwanti .