ISLAMABAD    -   Pakistan People’s Par­ty wants Pakistan Teh­rik-e-Insaf to play role inside the Parliament rather than ‘disturbing peace’ across the coun­try through ‘meaning­less’ rallies.

PPP supremo Asif Ali Zardari believes the PTI or any other party can contribute much bet­ter if they work inside the Parliament as per their mandate. “Zardari and (PPP Chairman) Bi­lawal (Bhutto Zardari) wants every election to take place on time. The removal of any govern­ment, according to them, should be in accordance with the constitution. The parties must work in the Parliament for the people’s benefit,” said a close aide of the Bhutto family. Last week, the Supreme Court advised Members of the Na­tional As­sembly (MNAs) from the PTI to rejoin the Parliament. The PTI lawmakers have resigned but have not confirmed their resig­nations. Some lawmak­ers’ resignations have already been accepted.

During a court pro­ceeding, Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial said the people had elected the PTI law­makers for five years, who should play their role in the Par­liament, which was their basic obligation.

PTI leader and former Na­tional Assembly speaker Asad Qaiser said that the party could return to the lower house of Parliament if Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif announced a date for general elections. The statement came after Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial’s sug­gestion. Qaiser however, said the party had not thought about or deliber­ated on returning to the NA. “We only think that it is not in the country’s interest for the current government to remain in power.” The former Speaker maintained that returning to Parlia­ment was an “option” but Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif must announce a date for elections.

Qaiser said the party could consider rejoin­ing the NA if there was a need for legislating or passing amendment regarding election re­forms, stressing that PTI chief Imran Khan was also of the same view. Reports earlier said the PTI had decided to put forward a condition be­fore the federal govern­ment for returning to National Assembly.

Majority of PTI lead­ers have recommended returning to National Assembly if the incum­bent government an­nounced a date for elec­tions. Over the weekend, PPP’s Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervaiz Ashraf said national is­sues should not be dis­cussed in the streets and squares, but at the prestigious platform of the Parliament. He said state institutions should not be dragged into poli­tics, as making contro­versial statements about them was tantamount to weakening the country.

The resignations of PTI members were not ac­cepted because of the re­ports that they were ten­dered under pressure. Moreover, the speaker said, some of the resign­ing MNAs contacted him directly and indirectly while some of them were still living in the Parliament Lodges. “As a speaker, I do not want to disrespect the voters’ mandate by de-seating their representatives.” Speaker NA considered Imran Khan’s apparent decision to return to the Parliament as a welcome development. “I think Imran Khan must return to the house and play his parliamentary role.” PPP leadership is of the view that PTI must re­turn to the Parliament sooner than later. “Imran Khan should speak in the house about his agenda and if people support his stance, they will vote for him,” said a PPP leader.