CM Mohsin pledges steadfast support for artists and singers

Artists role vital in garnering international acclaim for the nation

LAHORE  -  A delegation of artists called on Pun­jab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi at the Chief Minister’s Office, here on Tuesday. The CM attentively listened to the concerns raised by the artists and assured them of prompt resolutions. Addressing the delega­tion, the chief minister empatheti­cally acknowledged the absence of a pension system for artists, highlight­ing their unwavering dedication even in their advanced years.

In a significant stride towards rec­ognizing the invaluable contribu­tions of artists, singers, writers, and other creative individuals, the Punjab Cabinet has granted approval for the establishment of a Rs 500 million en­dowment fund. This fund is poised to extend its benefits to all members of the artistic community. He affirmed that the disbursement of funds for this endowment is imminent, underscor­ing his commitment to the welfare of artists. Furthermore, Chief Minister Naqvi pledged to review actionable recommendations put forth by the artists, acknowledging their pivotal role in garnering international ac­claim for the nation. He emphasized the government’s steadfast support for artists and singers, reflecting their crucial significance in the cultural landscape. Notably, concerted efforts are underway to enhance the qual­ity of stage productions. 0The CM expressed a collaborative approach in advocating for the welfare of jour­nalists alongside artists, recognizing the vital roles they play in society. He elucidated that while the temporary ban on stage dramas was instated in response to explicit content, the ulti­mate goal remains reform rather than harm to the industry. Stringent Stan­dard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been formulated to regulate stage plays, ensuring their content aligns with appropriate standards.

The delegation of artists extended their heartfelt gratitude to the CM, Provincial Minister Amir Mir, and other ministers for the establishment of the Rs 500 million endowment fund, recognizing it as a significant step forward for the artistic com­munity. Resham, Aurangzeb Laghari, Rashid Mehmood, Kaleem Parvez, Shehzad Rafiq, Hasan Murad, Iftikhar Thakur, Gushi Khan, Arif Lohar, Waris Baig, Tarannum Naz, Ayub Khawar, Nasir Adeeb, Naeem Tahir, Javed Riz­vi, Ruhi Khan, Parvaiz Raza, Zulfiqar Ali, and other distinguished artists were part of the delegation.

Present at this significant occasion were Provincial Minister for Informa­tion and Culture Amir Mir, Additional Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Sec­retary Interior, Secretary Information and Culture, Executive Director Lahore Arts Council, and relevant officials.


Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi conducted a late-night inspection of the Shahdara flyovers project, which is currently at an im­pressive 88 percent completion. Dur­ing his visit, he carefully examined the ongoing construction efforts and assessed the project’s progress, said a handout issued here on Tuesday.

The CM paid particular attention to the protective walls of the Shahdara flyovers and emphasized the need to accelerate construction activities. Ad­ditionally, he provided guidance to the contractor overseeing the bridges’ construction, urging them to adhere to the project’s established timeline.

Expressing full support from the Punjab government, the chief minis­ter conveyed a strong message that the project should be wrapped up by the middle of the upcoming month, and any delays attributable to ad­verse weather conditions should be countered by deploying additional re­sources. He stressed the importance of sustained hard work to ensure the timely completion of the Shahdara flyovers project. Naqvi underscored that once finished, the project would bring a lasting solution to the traffic congestion issues plaguing the city’s primary entry and exit routes.

Furthermore, the successful con­clusion of the Shahdara Chowk flyover project is expected to sig­nificantly ease the movement of ap­proximately 300,000 vehicles daily. During his visit, the CM received detailed briefings from Chief Engi­neer LDA and the project contrac­tor, providing valuable insights into the progress achieved thus far. Pro­vincial ministers Amir Mir and Az­far Ali Nasir, along with the Deputy Commissioner and other relevant officers were present.

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