Expert emphasizes proper foot care for diabetics

Rawalpindi-Non-surgical foot-care expert Salma Roshan has said the feet of diabetic persons are more prone to infections and they should carefully inspect their feet for discoloration, patches, and blisters on a regular basis. 
Talking to APP here on Tuesday, she said that various common foot problems can benefit from good care which includes moisturizing, avoiding barefoot walking, and choosing the right shoe according to the type of foot and skin.
She said that choosing proper footwear is critical as shoes should provide adequate comfort and support. “Some people are allergic to plastic, rayon, or leather and such triggering material must be avoided,” she added. 
While discussing a common issue of ingrown toenails, Salma said that ingrown nails are often painful and can be prevented by proper nail trimming and avoiding tight shoes. She said that cracked heels and fissures stemming from dryness or pressure can be treated by regularly applying moisturizer.  
She said that nail fungus leads to thickened, discolored nails but over-the-counter antifungal creams or prescription 
medications from a doctor can resolve it. “Foot infections like athlete’s foot need antifungal or antibiotic creams along with keeping the feet clean and dry,” she added.
For winter weather, Salma advised patients to use covered shoes to prevent chilblains and to maintain proper blood circulation. She said that those with low immunity need extra care, as the feet help regulate body temperature.
She highlighted that calluses and hard skin build-up from pressure and friction can be managed with periodic medicated pedicures. She said that cracked heels from dehydration can be treated with moisturizer.
Pes Planus, commonly known as flatfoot occur due to pronation or over-pronation, which means that the arch of the feet is low or absent, Salma said adding that the best way to resolve this issue is to use the medial arch support.  
She said that insoles are universally available in medical stores, but they are not customized therefore one should visit the podiatrist for a customized wedge.
Regarding the nail fungus, Salma said that the beginning of the fungus starts from the surface and later makes its way to the nail bed. “With some awareness and proper professional care, most foot problems can be solved non-surgically,” she said.
She said that basic care like moisturizing after washing and gentle foot exercises with a tennis ball under the feet can improve circulation and numbness.

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