Former parliamentary secretary holds meeting with social figure Sh Tufail

DIPALPUR   -  Former federal parliamentary secretary Haji Rao Muhammad Ajmal Khan held a meeting with social figure Sheikh Muhammad Tufail Amjad. The dis­cussions encompassed regional politics and vari­ous matters of shared interest, with a particular focus on development initiatives. Haji Rao Muham­mad Ajmal Khan, a central figure within the Paki­stan Muslim League-N (PML-N), a former member of the National Assembly, and a former Parliamen­tary Secretary, met with Sheikh Muhammad Tufail Amjad, a highly regarded social leader represent­ing the Paracha community in Dipalpur. The meet­ing served as a platform for these two influential leaders to explore opportunities for collaboration in the context of upcoming elections. Their discus­sions may have far-reaching implications for re­gional politics and development projects.

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