Jazz-NUST 5G Innovation Lab hosts Pakistan’s first 5G Hackathon in partnership with NITB, CfP

LAHORE-Jazz, Pakistan’s largest digital operator, is bringing Pakistan’s first 5G Innovation Hackathon in close collaboration with National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), NITB, and Code for Pakistan (CfP). The groundbreaking initiative aims to harness the immense potential of 5G technology and other cutting-edge innovations to address critical challenges in Pakistan’s key sectors, including health, education, financial services, disaster management and climate change, agri-tech, and Industry 4.0.
The 5G Innovation Hackathon underscores the critical importance of fostering innovation and talent in the realm of 5G technology. By bringing together bright minds, developers, and entrepreneurs, the hackathon serves as a breeding ground for groundbreaking ideas and solutions that will shape the future of telecommunications in Pakistan. The event not only empowers local talent but also ensures that Pakistan remains at the forefront of the digital revolution, paving the way for a more connected and innovative future.
Syed Fakhar Ahmed, Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer at Jazz, said, “Today, solutions to the longstanding challenges that face developing countries like Pakistan lie in technology. We’re proud to have developed the 5G innovation lab in collaboration with NUST, a tech hub that’s now hosting the country’s first 5G hackathon to help create viable solutions to key challenges while putting Pakistan on the global map of 5G innovation.”
Baber Majid Bhatti, CEO NITB, said, “At NITB, we see the 5G Innovation Hackathon as a catalyst for Pakistan’s e-governance evolution. This event unites technology and governance, paving the way for tailored solutions that will enhance citizen services. By harnessing 5G’s potential, we’re nurturing a digitally connected Pakistan, building capacity, and fostering innovation. Together, we’re redefining e-governance for a brighter future.”

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