KP welcomes AJGL with unprecedented enthusiasm

LAHORE - Peshawar, a city renowned for its sports legends, welcomed the Ace Junior Golf League (AJGL) with open arms. Junior golfers in the region responded with unwavering enthusiasm, while parents and siblings provided exceptional support for these young talents. The historic Pe­shawar Golf Club witnessed a festive atmosphere, drawing in­terest from parents eager to en­roll their children in AJGL. 

Group Captain Muhammad Irfan Pattal, representing Presi­dent KPGA, commended the or­ganizers’ vision and dedication, emphasizing that the league aims to instill confidence in young­sters beyond golf. He noted that the entire prize distribution cer­emony was conducted by junior golfers, underlining the league’s broader mission. He stated, “I marvel at the vision, dedication, and perseverance of the organiz­ers with which this league has been firmly established. Pesha­war Golf Club stands ready to support the noble cause of nur­turing golf’s future in Pakistan.” 

While organizers expected 8-12 golfers, they were pleasantly sur­prised when 28 junior golfers participated—an unprecedented number in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In the Birdie Category, new par­ticipants displayed exceptional skills. Ismal secured the first posi­tion with a score of 51, followed by Muhammad Omer Bukhari (57), Sultan Muhammad Anas (58), and Arbab Amin (60). 

In the Eagle category (ages 10 to 14), Sara Amin emerged as the winner with an outstanding score of 76. Zalmay Amin claimed the boys’ title with 92 strokes. The Albatross category (ages 14 to 18) witnessed intense competi­tion. Adan Bukhari took the lead with a score of 73, while Laraib Ur Rehman and Muhammad Dar­mal tied for second place with 74 each. Danial Rehman secured the fourth position with 77 strokes. In the Elite category, Basil Rehman emerged as the top performer. 

Col Imtinan, Secretary of KP­KGA, played a crucial role in pro­viding administrative support. He noted the league’s potential to produce golf champions like Taimoor Hassan, Ghazala Ansari, Yasmeen Mubarak, Parkha Ijaz, Humna Amjad, and Hamza Amin, aligning with KPK’s history of producing world-class athletes. 

The organizers expressed their gratitude to Soni Wali’s family, particularly Iqbal Wali, who announced the establish­ment of the Soni Wali Founda­tion during the prize distribu­tion ceremony. This foundation will be a major sponsor for AJGL events in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Dr Ghazala Shams, Vice Presi­dent of AJGL in KPK, played an instrumental role, with all three of her children actively involved in golf. Mrs. Bela Azam and Mrs Shabana Waheed were recog­nized for their support, travel­ing from Lahore to contribute to the event’s success. 

As AJGL’s nationwide tour con­cludes, Dr Asma Shami, Patron & Chairperson of BOD, expressed confidence in AJGL’s ability to shape the future of golf in Paki­stan, emphasizing the league’s role in linking missing oppor­tunities. Ms Munazza Shaheen, President of AJGL, emphasized the importance of age categori­zation and gross competitions in matching international golf standards, with a strong commit­ment to producing world-class golfers from Pakistan.

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