MPs body head claims WB official pressuring Senate to close probe


ISLAMABAD  -  The Senate Standing Committee on Power has accused the Country Di­rector of World Bank of pressuriz­ing upper house of the parliament for closing the inquiry of the irreg­ularities in Dasu-Mansehra trans­mission line project. 

“World Bank country director pres­sured Senate to close committee in­quiry on Dasu-Mansehra transmis­sion line, and we have its proofs which will be released to media,” Sen­ator Saifullah Abro said while chair­ing a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Power here yesterday.

The committee while deliberating on agenda item regarding the 765 kv double circuit transmission line from Dasu Hydro Power Station ta­bled the letter written by the World Bank to the Power Division. 

The letter said that the World Bank confirmed that the contract was pro­cured following the World Bank Pro­curement Regulations as stipulat­ed in the legal agreement signed between the World Bank and govern­ment of Pakistan for the $700 million IBRD loan. The letter said that recom­mendations regarding the mispro­curement and retendering of LoT-1 is incorrect. There is nothing in this let­ter, but there is a lot of happiness on the faces of the Power Division offi­cials, Saifuallah Abro remarked. Pow­er Division does not want to rectify the matter, Abro added.

The committee apprehended that it seems the Power Division has mis-communicated the objec­tive behind obtaining the process details strictly in line with the WB guidelines and said that no such de­tails are provided which claims that no deviation has occurred which potentially lead to misprocurement. The committee chair inquired from the Power Division to specify the in­accuracies in the Senate recommen­dations by the World Bank.

In the letter, the Power Division has requested the World Bank to tell that all the work was done according to the World Bank, Saifullah alleged. 

“You asked for NRO from the World Bank,” Abro added. Addition­al Secretary Power Division said that “We only wrote to the World Bank whether the Bank’s guidelines were implemented or not?”

However, Saifullah Abro said that “our objection is that the letter should have fully informed the World Bank about the committee’s inquiry”. He further said that the “letter was written to the person, country direc­tor of the World Bank, who had pres­surized us.” The Country Director of World Bank pressurized Senate of Pakistan for closing the inquiry of the irregularities in Dasu Transmis­sion Line project, he alleged. Man­aging Director NTDC Rana Abdul Jabbar claimed that World Bank guidelines were fully implemented in the award of the contract.

The Chairman Committee pro­posed to write to the president of the World Bank on the Dasu Islam­abad Transmission Line issue, how­ever, other members of the commit­tee disagreed with the idea.

“Don’t do this, don’t write a let­ter to the President of the World Bank,” committee members said.

This is not correct to write to the president of World Bank, Senator Dilawar said “We took loans from them and also ask clarification from them,” he added. 

The committee sought report of the procurement committee within a fortnight for further deliberation.

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