Naqvi for timely completion of Shahdara flyovers project

Lahore   -  Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi conducted a latenight inspection of the Shahdara flyovers project, which is currently at an impressive 88 percent completion.

During his visit, he carefully examined the ongoing construction efforts and assessed the project’s progress, said a handout issued here on Tuesday. 

The CM paid particular attention to the protective walls of the Shahdara flyovers and emphasised the need to accelerate construction activities. Additionally, he provided guidance to the contractor overseeing the bridges’ construction, urging them to adhere to the project’s established timeline.

Expressing full support from the Punjab government, the Chief Minister conveyed a strong message that the project should be wrapped up by the middle of the upcoming month, and any delays attributable to adverse weather conditions should be countered by deploying additional resources. He stressed the importance of sustained hard work to ensure the timely completion of the Shahdara flyovers project. Naqvi underscored that once finished, the project would bring a lasting solution to the traffic congestion issues plaguing the city’s primary entry and exit routes.

Furthermore, the successful conclusion of the Shahdara Chowk flyover project is expected to significantly ease the movement of approximately 300,000 vehicles daily. During his visit, the CM received detailed briefings from Chief Engineer LDA and the project contractor, providing valuable insights into the progress achieved thus far.

CM inspects Gujranwala-Lahore link road project

 Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi conducted an extensive visit to inspect the progress of the Sialkot Motorway, a project crucial for linking Gujranwala with Lahore.

Accompanied by a team, Chief Minister Naqvi traversed the 15.2km stretch from Benazir Chowk to Wahandu in an ordinary vehicle, meticulously examining the earthwork and stone-laying advancements, as well as under- construction bridges along the route. 

Notably, approximately 90 percent of the earthwork for the 15.2km link road has been accomplished, with ongoing stone-laying efforts at various points, alongside vigorous construction of bridges and subways.

This motorway will establish a direct connection between Lahore and Sialkot, extending further to Gujranwala through a two-lane road from the Wahandu Interchange to Benazir Chowk.

Chief Minister Naqvi expressed contentment at the commendable pace of work and extended congratulations to the Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) project director and the dedicated team. He also announced plans for a commercial area development along this vital link road, emphasising that the project’s completion will yield substantial long-term fuel savings.

Mohsin Naqvi issued directives to the concerned authorities, underscoring the need for adherence to the established timeline. Once finished, the journey from Gujranwala to Lahore is anticipated to be shortened to a mere 45 minutes.

During the briefing, it was highlighted that the 15.2km dual carriageway will provide excellent access to the motorway, and all available resources are being utilised to ensure timely completion. The transfer of all services from the Right of Way has already been successfully executed.

Secretary of Communication & Works, along with FWO Project Director Col Imran Arshad, provided the Chief Minister with a detailed progress report.

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