Pakpattan DPO provides assistance to family of deceased security guard

PAKPATTAN  -  The District Police Officer (DPO) of Pakpattan Tariq Wilayat has extend­ed a helping hand to the family of a deceased security guard who lost his life while bravely confronting robbers several months ago in the Green Town area.

In the tragic incident on June 29, Afandi Khan, the late security guard, along with his brother and colleague, attempted to stop three robbers flee­ing the scene of a local house robbery in the Green Town area, which falls un­der the jurisdiction of Arifwala Police Station. Tragically, during this brave act, the robbers opened fire, resulting in the loss of Afandi Khan’s life.

DPO Tariq Wilayat assured the fam­ily of the deceased that the suspects responsible for this murder would be apprehended and brought to justice. Under his leadership, a special police team worked diligently and employed modern investigative techniques, lead­ing to the successful arrest of the cul­prits and the recovery of stolen goods worth over ten million rupees.

Afandi Khan was the sole bread­winner of his family, and his untimely demise left his children unemployed, causing significant financial hardship. In recognition of the family’s financial struggles, DPO Tariq Wilayat, with the support of philanthropists and police officers, collected a substantial sum of 1 million rupees to assist the deceased’s family. This generous donation was handed over to Afandi Khan’s son.

Additionally, the DPO arranged em­ployment opportunities for the de­ceased’s sons in private institutions to enable them to support their fam­ily with dignity. The family expressed heartfelt gratitude to DPO Tariq Wilayat, acknowledging his exem­plary compassion and commitment to providing support to those in need, demonstrating that the police force serves not only to maintain law and order but also to assist the vulnerable and disadvantaged in society.

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