Sindh CM suspends four professors in surprise visit

KARACHI-Caretaker Sindh Chief Minister Justice (retd) Maqbool Baqar on Tuesday sus­pended the services of four officers, includ­ing the Director General (DG) of Colleges, and Principal and Vice Principal of Girls Degree College Al-Noor, district Central for their negligence, lack of interest and failure to promote educational activities.

He took this decision just after visiting Government Girls Degree College Al-Noor, district Central with Education Minister Rana Hussain and Secretary Colleges Ms Sadaf Anees on September 26.

During his surprise visit to the girls’ col­lege in district Central, he found that nei­ther the classes were running properly nor the condition of the classes, furniture, lab, and washrooms was satisfactory. The new­ly constructed auditorium and function hall had become so dirty and dilapidated due to negligence that the fall ceiling was caving in and the colour of the walls was peeling due to layers of dust. 

The CM visited labs but not a single lab was functional, and the equipment placed there was in broken and precari­ous condition. The washrooms had no door and were in filthy condition. The CM asked the DG College Shadab Hussain if he had ever visited the girls’ college lo­cated in the Central district over an acre of land. The DG replied negatively which enraged the CM and asked how the stu­dents would prefer to get admission in the college where the washrooms have neither doors nor running water.

When the CM inquired about the num­ber of students enrolled in the college, the Principal Ms Zahida Begum replied 300 and when he checked the registered the number of enrolled girls’ students was 390.

The principal had no knowledge of the sanctioned strength of the teaching staff. The vice principal was called but she was also blank about the number of staff. Most of the staff members were not present on duty. The CM was told that a teacher of Islamic Studies Ishratul Ain had not been performing duty for the last year. When she was asked to take the classes and at­tend the duty she called out her brothers who had misbehaved with the principal. 

The CM went from class to class and found that out of 390 students only 40 or 50 were present there. Only a teacher of English was seen teaching in the class and the CM appreciated her and lauded her method of teaching and spirit, otherwise all the classes were empty and were given such a look as if they had never been used.

The interim CM learned that it was a degree college, but education was im­parted upto the Intermediate level. The CM expressed displeasure and asked how the college has been made Degree College when it has no courses for BA and BSc to offer. 

The CM witnessing such a state of neg­ligence, inefficiency, and irrelevance of the Director General Shadab Hussain, BS-20, the Principal of the College Ms Zahida Begum of BS-20, and the Vice Principal of BS-19 ordered the suspension of their services. He also ordered the suspension of the services of Islamic Studies lecturer Ishratul Ain for not performing her duty.


The CM during his visit to district Cen­tral visited two parks— Baghe Saman and Noorani Park where a weekly Bazaar was being organised. The CM expressed his displeasure in witnessing the condition of the Baghe Saman, saying that its land has been vacated on the order of the Supreme Court but even then, it has not been devel­oped. He directed Municipal Commissioner KMC to develop the park and report him. He directed DC Central Fawad Soomro to develop Noorani Park and open it to people of the area within the next four months. The district Central is the most congested district and people have no such grounds or parks where they can take their children.


The CM visited Abuturab Govt Second­ary School for Boys and Girls but the school has no ownership. Earlier, the school was owned by the KMC and then devolved to the DMC Central and now to the Gulberg Town. The KMC, the officers of the defunct DMC, and the Town were present but none of them owned the school.

In the school, two classes were being run despite the fact the building had many classes empty. The CM asked the reason from the headmistress who had no answer to offer. The headmistress told the CM that the water supply of the school has been discontinued and it has no sweepers to sweep the classes. The enrollment has also dropped considerably as it is not offering English medium education. The CM talked to the Secretary of Local Government Man­zoor Shaikh and directed him to resolve the issues of the school and report him.


The chief minister while returning to the CM House on the way visited Sindh Gov­ernment Hospital Liaquatabad where he comparatively found better hygienic condi­tions. The CM visited the old COVID wards which were superb in terms of equipment and stretchers but have been closed for the last two years. He expressed his displea­sure and directed the MS of the hospital to utilise the wards for other patients. 

The CM went to the kitchen where food was prepared for 100 patients twice a day. The CM expressed his displeasure with the condition of the kitchen and directed the administration to renovate it and keep it clean properly. Justice Baqar interacted with the patients visited different OPDs and Emergency wards and also checked their pharmacy store. At the conclusion of the visit, the CM directed Secretary of Health Dr Manzoor Rizvi to uplift the en­trance of the hospital which gave a gloomy and dull look enough to harass the pa­tients’ right at the time of their entry. He said it must be properly renovated.

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