Rawalpindi-The representatives of All Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association on Wednesday said that the crisis of High Speed Diesel (HSD) has deepened in the country creating huge troubles for farmers, harvesters and transporters.

They said that diesel is not available at fuel stations in almost all the districts of Punjab.

They raised deep concerns over negligence of the Petroleum Ministry and government high-ups and urged the Prime Minister to take notice of the worst shortage of HSD. The representatives of APPDA including Secretary Information Nauman Ali Butt were holding a press conference at Rawalpindi Press Club.

They asked why the fuel station owners are not providing diesel to the customers if they have sufficient stock of the commodity.

“The season of wheat harvesting is going on in the province and 10,000 litres of diesel is sold out in two hours,” said Nauman Ali Butt. He said baseless allegations are being levelled against the dealers that they had halted the supply of diesel whereas the reality is something else.

He informed that only PSO has the capability of storage of diesel. “The government is putting pressure on the association that dealers are not selling the commodity in the market which is totally wrong and futile exercise,” he lamented. He said that though the government is claiming of having 21-day stock, it should be supplied in open market.

He urged the government officers to sense the worst situation with open eyes as private companies are not supplying diesel in the market.

“Diesel is only available at the fuel stations owned by PSO,” he said. Other representatives said that the crises will be over within no time if the government jacks up the prices of petroleum products.

They also said that the representatives of APPDA is trying its level best to get an appointment from OGRA high-ups to discuss the looming issue of diesel shortage but in vain as OGRA officers are not taking the matter seriously.

They threatened to go on strike if the government did not resolve the issue in two days.