LAHORE - The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) carried out a province-wide operation to control the wicked practice of milk adulteration and ensure provision of pure milk, on Wednesday. The dairy safety teams (DSTs) inspected 20 dairy farms in Lahore, 26 in Faisalabad, 32 in Multan, 11 in Rawalpindi, 16 in Gujranwala, 24 in Sargodha and Sahiwal. PFA watchdogs served warning notices for improvement to 115 dairy farms, stopped the production of 16 units and imposed hefty fines on 28 others. Apart from that, DSTs disposed of 2,860 litres of adulterated milk. PFA Director General (DG) Shoaib Khan Jadoon said that PFA discarded thousands of litres of milk on the spot after finding contamination of polluted water and chemicals. He said PFA has been using fully equipped milk mobile testing labs (MMTL) with lactoscan milk analyser machines to get the quick results of milk samples. He added that the use of adulterated milk causes stomach-related complications and diarrhoea.


“PFA is strictly monitoring the milk carrier vehicles, milk shops and dairy farms to ensure the availability of adulteration-free milk in Punjab,” he said.

Jadoon said that PFA would not compromise on the food quality and strict action will be taken against adulterators.