LAHORE - The Punjab Assembly is meeting today to take up a no-trust motion against Deputy Speaker Sardar Dost Muhmmad Mazari who conducted the election of new chief minister in stormy session despite strong opposition from the speaker. The no-confidence motion against the deputy speaker was filed on April 6 by the PTI and the PML-Q leaders after he called an assembly meeting to elect a new chief minister to fulfill the constitutional requirement. But this was not liked by his party as he faced strong resistance from the coalition government. Later, when the Assembly met on April 16, the PTI and PML-Q legislators assaulted the deputy speaker when he was about to sit in his chair to conduct the election. Sources said that the Speaker will give maximum time to PTI legislators to speak against the deputy speaker and delay the voting.

PA Speaker himself facing no-trust motion filed by opposition

The joint opposition led by the PML-N is most likely to vote against the motion due to Dost Mazari’s heroic role in conducting the CM’s election. The speaker himself is also facing a no-trust motion filed by the Opposition, but it is not clear yet as to when it would be put to vote. Meanwhile, the Assembly secretariat has issued SOPs for today’s Assembly session. No legislator will be allowed to carry a cell phone to the Assembly chamber. Likewise, the women legislators will not be permitted to take their handbags along with them to the Assembly Hall.