Balochistan should have been given priority in economic development much earlier. The Baloch are in the dark night and waiting for sun to rise. The word prosperity is unknown to them. This is the present condition of Balochistan. The lack development often leads to violence everyday honour killing; target killing and violence against women is common. 

The recent report shows that out of every 4 households 3 households are not getting proper diet. And 83.4% of them can’t access to it. And 80% of population lives under poverty line. 30% of Balochistan’s population is labour and the balance 70% is dependent which includes children, old disable and women. In spite of this, a fourth of the labour force is unemployed whereas in developed countries such as America, Canada, Japan, and Britain, 60% to 6% are earning members and only 34 to 40% are dependants. 


Turbat, August 26.