ISLAMABAD - However, it will not be easy to run party’s major affairs only after the decisions of ‘Rabita Committee’ as in past no major decision was taken without the consent of Altaf Hussain. 

The party’s (MQM) constitution bestowed ‘veto power’ to Altaf Hussian on all the decisions since the creation of the party, according to background discussion with MQM’s legislators.

It was normal practice in the party that no decision was made without informing party’s supremo Altaf Hussain. “How big decisions, including change in constitution of MQM, will be made without Altaf Hussian’s nod,” they said, adding that MQM’s Rabita Committee had to take Altaf Hussain’s approval for any decision.

They said party’ major affairs, including appointing anyone on any position of party, changing party’s position of any party member, leaving alliance with any political party or any other decision were not possible without the party’s chief. In all of these decisions, they said, no member raise objections on any decision taken by party’s chief.

“Now it might be difficult for Farooq Sattar to control the situation as objection could be raised from any of member, causing further destruction in the party,” they said, adding that already party members are partying ways. It is pertinent to mention here that MQM has already faced taunts of taking ‘somersault’ in its decisions as MQM in PPP’s era had made a record of leaving alliance and then reverting its decision.

The two major opposition parties, PPP and the PTI, believe that the MQM has no other option but to dissociate itself from its chief Altaf Hussain if it wants to continue politics in the country. Opposition leader Syed Khursheed Shah, talking to media, had commented that things would not settle down (for the MQM) except minus Altaf.

“This was the only option available to him (Farooq Sattar) to disown Altaf Hussain,” he added. Opposition leader in the Senate Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan had also commented that it would be premature to say that Dr Sattar had taken control of the MQM.

PTI’s MNA Asad Umar had even suggested MQM to move resolutions in the National Assembly and the Sindh Assembly condemning Mr Hussain for his anti-Pakistan remarks to show that the party had really distanced itself from the leadership in London.