KASUR-Oxygen cylinders meant for Kasur DHQ Hospital were recovered from a private hospital owned by heart specialist of the hospital during a raid here the other day.

The raid was carried out by a team of the district administration by Tehsildar Mushtaq Umar along with mediamen.

According to Tehsildar Mushtaq Umar, the team raided private hospital Iqbal Poly Clinic at Lorry Adda, owned and run by Dr Ghulam Shabbir Yazdani, the heart specialist at Kasur DHQ Hospital.

The team members recovered Oxygen cylinders meant for patients of the Kasur DHQ Hospital and some medicines of the hospital.

According to the team, Dr Yazdani and other doctors managed to escape from the scene. The recovered cylinders were shifted to the B Division police station while further investigation is underway.

On the other hand, people from all walks of life have protested against the alleged corruption by the DHQ Hospital doctors and misuse of the hospital’s property.

They said that the public since long has been pointing at the alleged corruption by Heart Specialist Dr Ghulam Shabbir Yazdani who not only, has been, misusing hospital’s equipment and medicines but also refer patients from DHQ Hospital to his private hospital Iqbal Poly Clinic.

They questioned the efficiency of the district administration and its dillydallying to go after the ‘culprit’ whose hospital has been caught red handed using state equipment and medicines.

The protesters termed it negligence of the district administration to protect the public property and ensure its utilisation for the welfare of the public.

“Despite the fact that the government provides massive funds to the DHQ hospital every year, the patients remain deprived of facilities mainly due to the corruption and misuse of resources by the doctors and administration,” they regretted, adding that DCO Ammara Khan must take stern action against Dr Yazdani and “expose his nexus within the hospital and the health department.

“This is public property and trust, meant only for their welfare, and not for the private hospitals of some persons,” they declared, adding that if the district administration and the health department officers are unable to protect this, they should quit their jobs and go homes.

Meanwhile, Kasur DCO Ammara Khan took notice of the matter and constituted a committee to probe the irregularity. She also directed the officials concerned to register a case against the accused doctors on charges of theft and misuse of hospital equipment.

When contacted, DHQ Hospital MS Dr Ziaullah said that a two-member committee has been formed which will investigate the incident and report to the authorities within 24 hours.

The public demanded Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, the health secretary and the Lahore Division Commissioner to take notice of the rampant corruption and grave irregularities and ensure exemplary punishment to the culprits.