The disappearance of children is a worrying issue on the rise. Missing children cases are piling up every passing day, but the police only has excuses and calls all unwary cases. Children are constantly missing. Mostly, children that are abducted are under the age of 10 to 17. Recently, Umair, 11, abducted from Badami Bagh, was found dead and the police proved that assaulted sexually. And his father claimed that the negligence of police is one of the main reasons behind increasing cases of missing children. Even many of the kidnappers identified by citizens. The police say that the children who have been missing for a long time are runaways, and many of them were even recovered. According to the Punjab Police, 767 children disappeared and 722 have been return in this year. Furthermore, the analysis of authorities states that 1134 were missed in 2015 and 1093 were recovered. In 2014, 1203 went missing and 1185 were returned. As children continually fall victim to kidnapping, sexual abuse, bonded labour and many more. Even many of them lost their lives. But the law enforcement fails to identify kidnappers and culprits. Even 1600 protected by Children Protection Bureau. 


Turbat, August 26.