“There is no power on earth that

can undo Pakistan.”

–Muhammad Ali Jinnah – October 1947.

Pakistan has been a country which has fallen prey to its own people. Of the many powers that have wanted to tear apart this piece of land, those within have been the strongest. Whether it was the pseudo-religious scholars who infiltrated the minds of masses and preached values like sectarian divide or whether it was the coming to power of our rulers, each of whom made promises they couldn’t keep, our own men have left hideous scars on the face of the country. Some hapless men, traitors to our state, have gone as far as questioning the very existence of Pakistan and its role in the world. Such suggestions have come from a man who has turned the capital city of Sindh into a battleground. Before Altaf Hussain so blatantly accused Pakistan of being the ‘epicentre of terrorism’, he should remember his own doings. The MQM has a history of committing to acts of terror to preserve its power. We cannot forget that in the 1980s it was MQM that set the ground for communal wars in Karachi that took the life of thousands. The existence of the party in Sindh has shaken the province apart. Pakistan is not a cancer for the world. It is men like him who have infected the peace and prosperity of our land. His words cannot harm the motherland the least.