Rising poverty in Pakistan

Poverty has been a virus of death since it is considered a crime knowingly poverty is a crime committed by one third of the people around the globe. And the worst country to be poor in is Pakistan. A large number of people have to sleep under bridges, to beg and even steal breads to eat. It seems that poverty had permanently settled in Pakistan for decades. In Pakistan, one doctor is available for 2000 patients and one nurse for 3000 patients. Pakistan has been characterised by poverty throughout its history to its present times. India is wading through the swamp of poverty so why can’t we? A long spell of poverty is a great menace to a state like Pakistan. The poverty stricken people of Pakistan constitute an ignorant, illiterate, backward and disorganised future and a false hope of better future is far away. In fact, we don’t know what is happening in our country where 20% of the rich have 49.5% of all income even the incomes are to support poor. At the other hand, it is an open secret that our country Pakistan is as poor as a church mouse. But are we really ready to present the next episode on poverty as a successful attempt against the unfavourable phenomenon of poverty? If Pakistan is to enter the 21st century with a developed economy, we will have to do all to break the various circle of poverty. I argue to government to take such an action and control the rapid growth of poverty as soon as possible. 


Turbat, August 26. 


ePaper - Nawaiwaqt