ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court on Saturday returned Jamaat Islami’s petition seeking probe into Panama leaks, declaring it apparently ‘frivolous’.

The Jamaat had also sought arrests of those who illegally transferred money out of Pakistan for establishing offshore companies. The registrar office declared: “The petition prima facie appears to be frivolous within the contemplation of Order XVII Rule 5 of the Supreme Court Rules, 1980.”

JI Ameer Sirajul Haq on August 24 had filed the petition under Article 184(3) of the constitution and made the federation - through Parliamentary Affairs ministry, Cabinet Division and secretaries of Finance and Law and Justice ministries – as well as National Accountability Bureau chairman as respondents.

Assistant Registrar (Civil-II) said that the petition was not entertainable as JI Ameer had not approached any other appropriate forum available to him under the law for the same relief. “He has also not provided any justification for not doing so,” the statement said.

Siraj had prayed that the respondents be directed to initiate inquiry/investigation followed by trial proceedings under the laws of Pakistan and resultantly a direction be issued to them to arrest the culprits and to recover and bring the public money back to Pakistan. JI Ameer did not name anyone specifically in the petition.

In April this year Panama leaks shook the world. Its report mentioned names of around 400 Pakistanis, including businessmen and politicians, particularly the family members of Premier Nawaz Sharif, for establishing offshore companies abroad.

The petitioner informed that as he has no other alternate, adequate and efficacious remedy except to invoke the original jurisdiction of Supreme Court because it involves a matter of public importance.

He contended that after Panama revelations it was divulged that offshore companies were established by illegal transfer of funds from Pakistan, which has allegedly been originated from corruption, corrupt practices and commissions or kickbacks.