RAWALPINDI- A Pakistan Army team on Saturday rescued 22 tourists stranded in Kumrat valley. According to ISPR the tourists have been evacuated through helicopter.

The tourists had gone from Islamabad and got struck in Kumrat valley in Upper Dir of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The rescue operation was conducted after videos of the stranded families went viral on social media where they were reportedly stuck for two days.

“We’re stuck here for two days and are braving the cold weather... we can’t even talk,” a woman can be heard saying in a short video clip.

The Nation correspondent reports from Peshawar: Dozens of tourists were stranded in Kumrat valley of Upper Dir district amid the ongoing floods as a video went viral on Saturday, asking for assistance to rescue the families.

According to local sources based in Upper Dir, as many as 45 tourists, including 25 women and 20 men, were stranded in Khanabadosh area while another 30 tourists were stranded in Abshar area of the scenic Kumrat valley, which attracts many tourists in summers but is also normally very cold region.

Speaking in a video, one Bushra, hailing from Lahore, said that they had been braving extreme cold amid rainy weather in Kumrat for the last two days wherein several persons even got unwell.

“Government authorities are asleep. We are running short of drinking water and food. We are on the Khanabadosh mountaintop while the lower areas of the mountain are submerged in water,” Bushra said while making a video of her environment where people were seen warming themselves near a fire on a forested mountain.

She said that several of their fellow tourists had become victims of pneumonia amid the cold weather. The video of the tourists from Punjab went viral on the social media, with many calling for their rescue from the flood-hit mountains of Upper Dir. A recent video in which five brothers drowned in flood in KP due to lack of helicopter to rescue them has already angered the public and many fear that those stranded in Kumrat might face the same fate if urgent measures were no taken.

226 dead: According to a spokesman for PDMA, 226 persons have died in the flood related incidents in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while 1266 cattle have also perished and washed away. Also, 33236 houses, 17 schools, and 180 other buildings have also been damaged in the floods across KP.