We celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of freedom from the British Raj on August 14, 2022. Being a patriot who participated in the freedom movement in his youth, I celebrated the hour but not without some sorrow. While there is a lot to celebrate in terms of getting freedom from the British and the Indian extremists, we have had a less than fulfilling journey over the past 75 years. We lost half the country by our silver jubilee. I remember Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan. He was an honest person who had good relations with all parties. His opponents taunted him as head of a “Tanga Party.”

Our democracy is sailing on a sinking ship, which if not plugged will sink it sooner than we think. However, our leaders are keeping up with their selfish ways and are busy mudslinging each other. If they don’t realize the gravity of the situation and unite to strengthen the sinking economy and give relief to people, I am afraid we would be looking at tragedy upon tragedy. I hope our ruling elite realizes this sooner than later and mend their ways.