Ever since the ouster of former PM Imran Khan in the result of a successful No Confidence Motion (NCM) the nation has been witnessing detrimentally dubious diatribe by the chairman PTI who has been leaving no stone unturned in maligning the neutrals for installing the current political setup under the dominant rule of the PMLN PPP and JUIF. It is also a visible factor that with the passage of time, acerbity, acrimony, antagonism and vehemence in his public speeches have got more space and prevalence than the politics of reconciliation and national integration.

It is really quite unfortunate to witness that a politician like that of Khan’s stature has been pressing his agenda of divisive politics and propagating a narrative of concocted and fabricated fictions. It may prove absolutely lethal for the very existence of our national integration as the nation can’t be susceptible to divisive politics and acrimonious statements made by the leaders.

During his premiership stint spanning about four years he never bothered to focus on improving his governance but he kept on chasing his unifocal agenda of pressing the opposition through coercive policies. Even then he couldn’t find any tangible incriminating evidence of corruption and money laundering by the shareefs or Zardari.

The nation is not oblivious of his high headedness and arrogance when he incarcerated all the top tier leadership of PML-N and the PPP through the NAB and left them in narrow jail cells to face severe persecution while on mainstream and social media all those political leaders and workers faced tormenting smear campaign at the hands of the PTI keyboard warriors. But quite strangely not even a single allegation was proved in the court of law on the basis of substantive evidence.

During his tenure he took the country to its isolation on an international level. The country witnessed ever soaring inflation, depreciation of rupee in comparison with USD and nosediving economic growth plummeting to its lowest ebb. During his fragile rule he piled up whopping foreign loans up to 21 billion USD.

The nation’s memory is not at all at the loss to remind him that he himself has been involved in collecting prohibited funds from the foreign nationals and international companies and he has been personally involved in misuse of authority and embezzlement of funds of billions of dollars donated by the donors for his charity drive.

The recent verdict given by the ECP against the PTI has conspicuously exposed dirty practices of the PTI regarding extortion of money from the foreign nationals and multinational companies siphoning towards its domestic politics. Resultantly the PTI and its chairman have initiated a smear campaign against the CEC to malign him for standing for justice and its dispensation.

In another similar reference against the chain PTI the incumbent government has filed a reference pertaining to the misappropriation and embezzlement of the state owned gifts in which he seems miserably involved in selling out state gifts on throw away prices and never declared them in his tax returns which is tantamount to deliberate concealment of his assets and properties which is a punishable crime as per the green book.

Keeping all these angularities in mind it is the high time for our politicians to shun the divisive politics and nurture a broad based understanding and consensus to move forward on the course of progress and development while discarding politics of irreconciliation because such type of phlegmatic approach may lead us to a catastrophic end from where there would be no point of return.

Mr Khan must also realise the fact that he is not the only leader in the country who enjoys popularity and fame but there are other ardent supporters and avid lovers of other parties. He must also realise that his concocted statements and misleading narratives are not the biblical excerpts which should be trusted blindly and followed enthusiastically.

Knowing that he has been a cricket legend and knows very well how to keep the batsmen under pressure but it is not a cricket field. It is a chessboard of politics where you play your game under some rules and regulations called the constitution. Following the constitution is binding on all as no one is above the law. Mr Khan must also surrender himself before the constitution and act accordingly.