The flood forecasting authorities have rubbished aside reports of spillover from Mangla Dam and said that half of the reservoir remains empty for the storage purpose.

The flood control room while sharing latest update said that the increase in water level at River Neelum, Jhelum River and Kunhar River is as per routine. “The intake and water level at the Mangla Dam remains normal,” it said.

It further highlighted that only half of the dam’s area used for storage purpose is filled up till now and it has the capacity to accommodate more water before its spillways are opened to release additional water.

It is pertinent to mention here that Indus River has been in high flood at Guddu and Sukkur barrages as the mighty river seething with high flood waters of above five Lac cusecs while entering in Sindh on Saturday.

Flooding water pressing protective dykes, while people of the katcha area shifting to safer places.

Indus river has been in high flood at Guddu barrage with the water flow measured 5,05,000 cusecs and at Sukkur barrage water flow measured 5,69,756 cusecs.

Indus has been in medium to high flood at Taunsa Barrage with a water flow of 5,04,232 cusecs. The river has been in low to medium flood at Tarbela and Jinnah Barrage at Kalabagh. The water inflow in river at Tarbela has been 3,53,800 cusecs while discharge 3,74,900 cuseces.

The water inflow in the river at Kalabagh has been 3,20,192 cuseces, while the outflow has been 3,16,192 cusecs. A large flow of water in Indus is expected to pass through the Jinnah Barrage today, flood control room sources said. The water inflow at Kalabagh could soar to five lac cusecs to seven lac cusecs, barrage sources said.